Organised Rides

Dunbar Cycling Group runs the following regular rides:

Early Bird: 8am on Sundays. Usually on quiet roads for 10-15 miles, sometimes with a stop for breakfast. Text Morag on 07966 491 961 for details of the next ride.

Kidical Mass: 10am on the last Sunday of the month. Family ride for all ages, 3-6 miles. We’ll wait for the slowest cyclists and aim for a picnic/play stop half-way. Email for details of the next ride. Part of the international Kidical Mass movement to encourage utility cycling from a young age. Dunbar Cycling Group and individual members have a range of bike accessories – child seats, child and goods trailers, tandems etc. for you to try out or use on group rides. Email for more details.

Explorer Rides: 2nd Saturday of the month. A series of interesting rides around East Lothian, aiming to cover 20-30 miles and new experiences. Text Mark on 07914 602 123 for details.

Cycle Tour: We try to organise at least one 2-day tour each year with an overnight stop somewhere interesting. Text Wendy on 07731 659 260 for details.

Please note that rides may be modified or cancelled at the last minute due to weather or unforeseen circumstances. For this reason it is important to contact the organiser at least 24 hours beforehand so that they can keep you informed of any changes.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for ad-hoc meet-ups being organised by our members, or post a route and time of your own.

You are responsible for your own safety at all times and for ensuring that your that your bike is in good working order.


Our rides are open to all members of Dunbar Cycling Group. Membership costs £3 for individuals or £5 per household per year, payable on your second ride. Email to join. If you regularly accompany us on organised rides, it is a condition of our insurance that you also be a member of Cycling UK. This is available at a reduced price of £24 per year for Dunbar Cycling Group members.

Children under 13 must be accompanied on rides by an adult, and those aged 13-18 years must obtain parental permission.