About Us

Dunbar Cycling Group’s primary aim is to encourage more people in Dunbar to take up or renew their interest in cycling. The club actively promotes cycling as a healthy, sociable pastime suitable for all age groups and abilities.

Membership of Dunbar Cycling Group costs £3 for individuals over 13 years old, or £5 per household, per year. Email info@dunbarcycling.org.uk to become a member and find out how to pay.

The current management committee is:

  • Chair: Suzanne Forup
  • Treasurer/membership secretary: Morag Haddow
  • Campaigning: Mark James/Paul Milne
  • Rides/Promotion: Wendy Cuthbertson/Fay Stanton
  • Promotion: Gail Wallace

We are always looking for new members of the committee, so if you fancy finding out a bit more about what we do, please email info@dunbarcycling.org.uk.