Civic Week Treasure Trail

Treasure Trail*  introduction               

The Treasure Trail is an opportunity to get out on your bikes, scooters or even on foot to follow a route that is given on the trail information sheet.  You follow the clues rather that looking at a map. If you are stuck there will be a online map to check you are going the right way.

The route is short, approx 3km and involves answering ten questions as well as working out where to go next. We are assuming most people will be cycling to and from the start and finish so the route itself is not too challenging. The emphasis is very much on having fun. There are six parks that you pass, so lots of opportunity to play. You get to choose when you go out during civic week. Why not go with some friends.

*There is no treasure as such other than the positive memories and a treat from the High Street.

Treasure Trail

Treasure Trail Map